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Menu Artisauce

  • Menu Artisauce

    Choose a starter, a main course and a dessert to compose your menu
    74 €
  • Wine and food pairing

    35 €


  • Cleaned Baby Lobster

    And its lavender-scented bisque, veal coppa and sorrel emulsion.
    30 €
  • Beef Maki, matured for 21 days

    Burnt leeks, crispy rice tuile, Thierenteyn mustard vinaigrette, Murgia bottarga.
    25 €
  • Bluefin tuna crudo

    Satay powder, aubergine caviar, blackberry and tarragon sauce.
    25 €
  • Carpaccio of veal cooked at low temperature

    Grana Reggiano 24 months, buffalo mozzarella siphon, bread chips, summer truffle, honey oil, hazelnut crunch
    25 €

Main courses

  • Pink sea bream cooked on skin

    Old-fashioned tomato gazpacho, chanterelles, edamame, lemongrass pesto with citrus fruits.
    35 €
  • Pure roasted lamb fillet

    Romanesco cabbage mousseline, red cabbage and fig marmalade, thyme juice, raspberry powder.
    37 €
  • Filleted sole

    With ginger beurre blanc, celery purée with walnuts, artichoke hearts preserved with herbs.
    38 €
  • Guinea fowl supreme

    Grilled baby corn, red beetroot muslin with mint, dukkha, lapsang tea sauce.
    34 €


  • Selection of cheeses

    Refined by Etienne Boissy MOF 2004
    15 €
  • Summer Artisauce Cup

    Poached apricots, verbena sorbet, peach and pepper sorbet.
    13 €
  • Cherry Entremet

    Ruby chocolate ganache, joconde biscuit, cherry marmalade, rosemary ice cream.
    13 €
  • Pistachio Millefeuille

    Phyllo pastry, pistachio cream, vanilla mousse, smoked salt caramel, pistachio ice cream.
    14 €